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We offer a comprehensive array of services which you'll find listed here including visas, residence permits and more.

Residence Permit

Residence Permit is a visa for the purpose of work or marriage with a Chinese national. It is also for a Chinese expat who’s aged beyond 60 and owns real estate property in China.

Foreign Expert Certificate -> Residence Permit

Alien Employment Permit->Residence Permit

Marriage Certificate->Residence Permit

House Property Ownership Certificate->Residence Permit

F visa

F visa is also known as business visa. It’s for foreigners who are invited to China on a business tour, lecture, short-term study or internship, or for science-technology exchanges.

F visa extension for 3 or 6 months: Have an F visa, want to have a 3 or 6 months renewal

L visa to F visa (3 months only): Have an L visa, want to change it into an F

L visa

L visa extension: Have an L visa, want to renew it for another month

Invitation Letter

Out of China, want to get an F visa to come to China. This letter is for F visa application at a Chinese Embassy or Consulate.

Accommodation Registration Assistance

We help to get the Registration form from the local police station which in charge of the area you live.

Medical Exam Assistance

We help to go through the Medical Exam process and collect the report from the hospital.

Company set-up

We help investors to understand the policies and procedures, deal with all related paperwork and legwork during the registration process, and get the investment settled in Chengdu smoothly.

HR services

We help foreign investment to recruit the suitable Chinese staff and help to manage the HR-related issues.